Why is IFPE 2021 going hybrid?

The IFPE Congress will be a hybrid event (meaning there will be both an in-person conference and a virtual conference) because some people may not be able to travel due to the pandemic. Making the Congress more accessible helps the IFPE achieve its underlying mission and to expand its scope and contribution to IFPE by reaching a much larger audience.
Now, for the first time, participants will have a choice. Depending on your preferences, you can attend the IFPE Congress in two entirely different ways: in-person in Verona or online. The pandemic of the last year has made it clear that we need more creative and flexible ways to exchange ideas. That’s why we took up the hybrid model challenge.
With the hybrid meeting you can choose between two participation options.

For those who are able to join us in-person Verona, the hybrid format will allow you to:

  • Participate in the full range of scientific Sessions and Symposia
  • Interact face-to-face with Speakers, Clinical experts and Research leaders
  • Network with Colleagues
  • Participate in site visits at the Verona Community based mental health services and discuss informally with the local staff.
  • Experience the suggestive attractions of Verona
  • Access all online content both during the congrss and for one year after the Congress

For those who prefer to enjoy the congress online from their home or office, the hybrid format will allow you to:

  • Follow scientific Sessions and Symposia by livestream anywhere in the world
  • Participate in online Q&A sessions
  • Access all online content both during the Congress and for one year after the Congress

What is the difference between in-person and online participants?

  • In-person participants join the congress in-person in Verona and meet in person the Speakers on an individual basis, to discuss informally with them during the interval, take agreement on further contacts and so on. Moreover they could benefit of site visits to the University community based mental health services and discuss informally with the local staff.
  • Online participants enjoy all the Session of the Congress online from their home or office, and participate in online Q&A Sessions.

What is the difference between in-person and online registration?

  • With in-person registration you can join the congress in-person in Verona and you have access to the online congress content.
  • With an online registration you follow the congress (all Sessions) from your home or office through an online platform.

Cancellations and revision of registration mode from in-person to online participation and vice versa

In the event of cancellation or revision of registration types, written notification must be sent by e-mail. Please see cancellation policy on web site www.if2021verona.org at “Registration – Payment and Cancellation policy”

Once registered as an in-person attendee, can I change my registration to the virtual? Or vice versa?

Yes, changes either way will be possible. We recommend the on-site Congress registration, which will give you access to the virtual conference as well. The deadlines for changes is August 10th

Can I register for only for a specific Session?

It is not possible to register for a specific Session.

Will virtual presentations be published in the Proceedings?

Yes, all Abstract submitted either to the in-person Congress or the virtual conference will be published on IFPE website after the Congress

Will Authors be required to register for the in-person Congress or the virtual conference to have the presentation included in the Proceedings?

Yes, in order to have the paper published in the Proceedings, authors will need to register by the deadline.

Will all Sessions be available on-demand?

All Sessions will be recorded and will be available for viewing on the online platform for 1 year after the Congress

As a virtual attendee, would I be able to ask questions or participate in discussions?

Yes, you can use the chat to ask the Authors questions

How do I submit an Abstract?

Before submitting an abstract, you are asked to create an Abstract account. One or several abstracts can be submitted through the Abstract submission system.
To submit abstracts, please click on the “Submit an Abstract” green box on the Abstract page on website.
Create your personal account in the Abstract submission system and navigate following the instructions.
After an abstract has been created, modifications can be made at any time until the submission deadline. After submission, the Presenting Author will receive a confirmation email with an abstract reference number. Please refer to this reference number in all Congress correspondence

Do I need to disclose information about any conflict of interest in abstract?

If the abstract is accepted, the presenting authors are asked to disclose all financial and personal relationships between themselves and others that might be perceived by others as biasing their work. The Congress Organizer asks that all presenting authors disclose any conflict of interest at the time of presentation for the benefit of conference delegates. The purpose of this is to guarantee that all potential conflicts of interest are recognized and mechanisms to resolve them prior to the conference are implemented.
Material presented in abstracts should not violate any copyright laws. If figures, graphics and/or images have been taken from sources not copyrighted by the author, it is the author’s sole responsibility to secure the rights from the copyright holder in writing to reproduce those figures, graphics and/or images for both worldwide print and web publication.