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Your Letter To Juliet

According to historical sources, the story of Romeo and Juliet unfolded in 1303 in Verona. At the end of 1500, William Shakespeare wrote the tragedy of Verona and so Juliet became an immortal icon of collective imagination.

Since then, Juliet and Verona have been inextricably linked, in love, hope and desire.
Strengthened by this legacy, focused on recovering from the pandemic, we want to take the opportunity to meet together, in person or virtually, it doesn’t matter … in Verona.

Let Juliet lead us into a dimension of hope and optimism.

As Juliet believed in love and gave everything in the name of love, including her life, we truly believe that medical research can make the difference so that we can return to our lives, before Coronavirus, before the pandemic.

That’s why we wanted to «plant» this virtual tree, the tree of life, so that everybody can send messages, thoughts, projects, … to let hope expand towards a wider horizon, making us feel, each as much as possible, part of the common struggle for life and humanity.
All in an anonymous form, if you want, or not, if you prefer … as you like.

Words of hope, that link to the scientific efforts of all health professionals.
Thanks to you all!